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How to Choose the Right Indian wedding DJ?? Major Questions You Must Ask:

Music is one of the key elements of an Indian wedding celebration, and therefore, it’s worth it to be very careful if you are planning to hire an Indian wedding DJ for your special day. Today, you can find thousands of companies offering DJ services, however, when it comes to hiring the right one, the task is quite complicated. Plus, if you are meeting with different Indian wedding DJs, it can be quite daunting to choose just one.

Thus it makes all sense to consider a few factors and ask some crucial questions to your potential DJ.

Here are some of the major questions to help you pick the perfect DJ for your wedding.

1. Is DJ-ing your full-time profession?

It’s not always simple to tell from an online website whether the particular DJ is working weddings as a full-time profession or on the side. As such there is no difference, provided the DJ has got the right skills and talent.

2. How many DJs are there in your team?

If the DJ company that you are intending to hire has a team of DJs, ask which one will be there for your wedding. You don’t want to do all the communication with the owner, only to find out that you are not comfortable with the person who is actually at your wedding.

3. Are you insured and bonded?

DJ-ing isn’t a risky profession, but accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. So, make sure your potential Indian wedding DJ is licensed and completely insured.

4. How will you create the playlist?

Always remember to ask your DJ how they’ll learn about your dislikes and likes and create a playlist that is suitable for you? Will that happen in just a single meeting? Will they give the song list via email or message for your approval?

5. Do you have back-up DJ tools and devices:

Anything can go wrong even if the service is experienced and professional. The DJ equipment suddenly breaks down, DJ gets sick, the venue’s sound system isn’t working-all these can happen and calls for a back-up plan. So, for all these situations, it’s important to ask your DJ, if or not they have back-up equipment for any emergency situation.

6. Are you completely familiar with the wedding venue?

Every wedding venue has different facilities and layouts that need to be checked beforehand. So, if a wedding DJ has already worked at your chosen venue before then it's better, but, if the DJ is not familiar with the venue then it’s your responsibility to make this happen.

7. How do you keep the crowd entertained?

Your potential wedding DJ doesn’t really need to provide you with their secrets, but a professional DJ should always have an answer for how they do this. And at the very least, they should be able to give you recordings of the past weddings that they’ve covered, so you can determine whether they are a good fit or not.

You will know which DJ is the right for you once you start talking with them. And above all, it has to be a decision based not only on facts but, also on your personal preferences. So, take your time before you hire any random Indian wedding DJ, and do thorough research. Ask the above-mentioned questions, and hopefully, you’ll find the right DJ that will make your wedding memorable.

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