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Compact and Potent Sound Systems for Cocktail Parties and Social Events


A cocktail party can be many things but if it is boring, you don’t need a genius to tell you that you surely have a problem. In order to host social events that guests enjoy, you need to keep a track of the ambience, food and drinks served and of course music. Without high quality and well selected music that blends in with the background of any cocktail party and social gathering, you can bid adieu to a good time with those you hold dear.


With Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac with you however, you don’t have to worry about your cocktail sound system not being happening enough. We make certain you get the music you need in a manner you prefer so that your guests and you can have a gala time.


Proper sound distribution is guaranteed

Most of the times the sound systems and technicians you hire do not quite offer you the sound quality you want. Sometimes, there is improper sound distribution while other times, the systems do not offer the desired sound effect. With us, however, you do not have a thing to fret about. All your sound needs for your various social events are covered just the way you like it and just the way you expect them to do so.


We see to it that a compact sound system is used in the cocktail area. Following this, speakers are also placed at different, well planned out areas. All this ensures impeccable and clear sound distribution. Our experts conduct regular and timely sound checks too to see that your cocktail sound system is always as professional and clear as ever. In this way, you can have a rocking night no matter what the theme of your various social events are.


Our professionals and entertainers go above and beyond

Our staff is extremely adept, proficient and meticulous when making sure a high quality and result oriented cocktail sound system is delivered to our clients. Our professionals first put together a customized playlist for the cocktail hour. This makes certain non-stop music is played for your guests right from the beginning all the way to the very end. After all, there is nothing like customized music for your social events as you mix about and socialize with people.


You can pick from a wide variety of cocktail sound options in Dallas, Phoenix, Arizona, and California. This encompasses Indian instrumental, jazz, fusion instrumental and even classical. Besides this, you can even let us know about your favorite playlist of songs and we will happily play that for you if you want as well.


Give us a ring

All you have to do is tell Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac the kind of music you need for your social events by scheduling an appointment with us. Rest assured, we bring you the best and most exhilarating cocktail sound music playlist that helps you party in style. Other than this, we also offer plasma screens for photo montages so that you can display your wedding pictures with ease, if you want to. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call right away.

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