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Dhol Players and Dancers: That Only Add to the Excitement


When the mood of a special occasion is combined with the exciting and powerful beats of a drum playing in the background, the overall ambience, mood and appearance of that occasion looks even more stirring and magnificent. If this is the effect you want to evoke on your wedding day too, Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac are right by your side to offer you experienced and skilled dhol players as well as dancers who together make your big day even more memorable and a sight to behold.


All of our entertainers in our team are hardworking and dedicated in the services they offer. This ensures you obtain the ideal baraat dhol player who surely helps you loseyourself to the beats of the drum and its various rhythms.


Our dhol players and dancers are sure to take you by surprise

Having your baraat dance to the tunes of dhol players as they begin their journey to the wedding venue can look and sound like a real treat. Our experts make certain this entire process moves forward in a stress-free and proficient way. Whether you are looking for a single baraat dhol player or a group of them, you can rest assured that everything, right down to the minutest detail, is arranged for you in a successful and desirable manner.


Even if you need dancers in Dallas or California to kick off the celebrations and get people into the groove of things, you can count on our performers to encourage and motivate your guests. This ensures enthusiasm is built up while a joyous time is guaranteed. The dancers, dhol players and performers you hire for your special dayshow up dressed in traditional Indian attire. This only adds to the entire vibe of the place, the baraat dhol player as well as the audience.


Why customers rely on us for all things music

With years of experience to our credit and a wide array of skills acquired along the way, you can know for a fact that we have evolved in our craft and expertise offered to the people in Dallas, California and Phoenix, Arizona. So whether you need dhol players or dancers for your reception or even a baraat dhol player that keeps your guests entertained throughout the procession, you can rest assured that you obtain the ultimate entertainment package.


Our dancers, dhol players and live mixing services takeyour senses on a magical and spellbinding journey. This ensures you obtain sheer entertainment at its finest while guests experience a celebration of a lifetime.


We are just a call away

No matter what you are looking for, whether a skilled and experienced baraat dhol player, riveting dancers, an attention-grabbing performer or sheer, unadulterated music, you can rest assured that Hyper Productions DJs and DJ Isaac offer you exactly what you need to make your day as memorable and extraordinary as ever. Give us a call whenever you wish to. Our professionals and entertainers are always at your service to make sure all of your needs and requirements are met in a clever, pleasurable and completely amusing.

Major Locations we serve:

Phoenix, Arizona & California





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