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Avoid These Music Mistakes on Your Wedding Day

Are you excited for your wedding? No matter if you are a music person or not, you simply cannot ignore this very important part of every wedding. A great band, DJ, or a dhol player is all that you need to make a massive difference and make the event a truly unforgettable one. While you are at it, simply avoid the following common mistakes that people make with respect to finalizing music for their wedding.

  1. Overlooking the idea of a band, DJ, or a dhol player without giving it much thought. The first decision to make is whether you would like to hire a wedding DJ, dhol player, or a band. If you are fond of live music, you should opt for a band. A wedding DJ is the right choice for you if would rather have a favorite few songs played on your wedding and also if you are on a tight budget. Alternatively, if you are in love with Punjabi style music, you should definitely hire an upbeat Dhol player. You can hire a reputed artist through recommendations from friends and by searching online.

  2. Not going for a sound check. There can be certain limitations on your venue, such as power supply, time restrictions, high-volume sound, and more. In this respect, you would do good by speaking to the manager of the venue to know of any such regulations. Furthermore, once you finalize the kind of music you would like, you must go for a sound check to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  3. Not meeting the musicians or dhol players before the wedding. It is very important that you meet the artists before the wedding ceremony to tell them about your liking and preferences in music. This way you can tell them exactly which song you would like them to play as you make your entry. You may also require them to make some special announcements or call you on the dance floor at some particular stance, meeting them in person before the wedding will give you the time to brief them properly.

  4. Not providing a list of your favorite songs to play. You cannot assume that the DJ, band, or dhol player that you are hiring will be able to ascertain your liking in songs just in one meeting. This is your big day and you must leave no loopholes to make the most of it. Make a list of all your favorite songs and provide it to the music artist so that they can ensure they include those songs in their performance.

  5. Having music played so loud that it becomes impossible for guests to communicate with each other. Wedding music is only meant for adding a fun element and not for making it impossible for guests to interact with each other. Unusually loud music will only irritate the elders of the family as they will have to yell to make their voice heard. In this regard, you can ask the dhol player, DJ, or band, to keep the volume low during the ceremony or when guests are having food.

These are a few common mistakes that most of us make with regard to our wedding music. Besides these, you must also make sure that the music artists reach the wedding venue much before you are due to arrive so that the guests do not get bored while waiting for the ceremony to start. As soon as the music starts playing, it will signal the guests to take their seats as the ceremony will soon begin.

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