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Professional Desi DJ vs. Friend with a Playlist of Hit Indian Songs

With the availability of easy-to-use devices and apps for building playlists and mixing songs, now anyone can call themselves as Indian or Desi DJ even those who don’t know about Indian or regional songs a bit. But can you really trust on anyone for special occasions? If you’re really wondering which one you should appoint -a professional Indian DJ or just some friend who just knows how to play songs, think twice before you make your move. Entertaining your Indian friends and guests for the whole time is not an easy task that anyone can take the responsibility for. And it’s also not all about playing songs. Being a professional DJ is much more than that.

Professional Desi DJ

Maybe a BBQ with a small number of friends in the backyard would not qualify for an experienced and professional DJ, but for large gatherings you will surely need an emcee. DJs who have the knowledge of trends of Indian Songs and who know how to pump enthusiasm into your guests would surely prove a huge help. They make announcements, get the people on the floor at the right time, keep tabs on your crowd mood and make sure everyone is enjoying the music.

The next best thing with a professional Desi DJ is he has an arsenal of great desi tunes for your crowd. He literally knows which Punjabi songs are liked by most of the people, which Indian music keeps with the heartbeat of people, which Bollywood songs are going popular, which ones are perfect for couple dance, which Indian songs are perfect for group dance and which desi songs can make your Indian friends and guests go crazy. How to make a smooth transition is also a quality which does not belong to amateurs because it comes with the experience. Your friend might play some popular songs but surely doesn’t know how to make the transition smooth and doesn’t have the insight of which songs should be played to maintain the aura or lift the mood.

Does your friend has all sorts of sound equipment to make the party or event fun? Probably, not! Additionally, he/she won’t have the backup and may end up in delivering terrible sound quality. However, when you hire a professional DJ, you will notice a perfect sound system in your event. Moreover, reputed DJs also come with a backup to ensure that your event keeps going on without a hitch.

No doubt, the option of appointing a friend as DJ may cost you nothing but hiring a DJ is also not going to dig a big hole into your pocket. Of course, your event will be greatly impacted by the choice. The truth is most of your guests won’t even remember how much you spent on flowers and decoration but they will surely remember a great fun packed party.

So, how do you want people to remember your party - a great party entertained by reputed Desi DJ or a forgettable party entertained by a friend of yours? The choice is yours now.

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