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Wanna Hire a Wedding DJ? Check Out a Few Tips

Great music is a key to infuse life and fun into the wedding ceremony and reception. That kind of vibrant music can be expected only from a professional wedding DJ. Maybe you already know some DJ from the club and he may carry out a decent job at the wedding. But if you really want to make your wedding grand, full of entertainment and memorable, no one can do better than the wedding DJ, who is an emcee of wedding ceremonies especially. So, what do you need to know before hiring a professional for your wedding? Keep the reading continue to know important tips.

Focus on hiring professional only instead of just any DJ for the sake of entertainment

You will find a lot of DJs who entertain people at a variety of events such as office parties, nightclub, and stage shows, but you can rarely expect a mind-blowing performance from them on your wedding day. Keep in mind that a wedding ceremony is completely different from other kinds of events and ceremonies. Just pay your attention to the professional wedding DJs only who did this work as their full-time job rather than part time job. Moreover, professional DJ companies have all kinds of equipment, experience, required backup, insurance and license.

If budget is your issue, you can do following things to lower down the price

  • If your wedding date is happening on a less busy day (such as Friday or Sunday) or in the off-peak season, you can ask them for giving some discount. When DJs have only a few or no option to make a choice, they are often willing to give you a discount.

  • Many companies also offer discounts if you make payment through cash or cheque rather than credit/debit card. So, make sure to ask about the discount on payment mode.

  • Most of the DJ companies also offer additional services like custom monogram designing, LED lighting, ambient lighting, etc. So, if you like to make your wedding extravagant, you can also hire such services and in return for hiring more than one service, they can reduce the whole amount up to some extent.

Make sure to rule out ‘what if’ scenarios

To eliminate the possibilities that can flop your wedding entertainment, make sure to ask questions like ‘what if the DJ gets sick’ or ‘what if the sounding system get damage or go on fritz’. There are other questions also you need to ask such as ‘what kind of microphones do you use’ or ‘do you also have backup equipment that works without disappointing guests in case some equipment fails’ or ‘do you also have a separate set of equipment for the wedding ceremony and the reception’. All such questions will help you in determining how the company handles such kinds of situations.

Play your part carefully too

It’s not all about the DJ only; the successful operation of the mission also depends on you. If you don’t provide all required details to the DJ, you might likely suffer some unwanted results. Inform the company clearly about your wedding timeline and preferences of songs, if you have any. Meeting or communicating with the DJ will help him/her understand thoroughly what kind of marriage he/she is going to entertain. For instance, is it an Indian wedding? If yes, is it Gujarati, Punjabi, or South Indian?).

In the end, I would like to recommend you to book the wedding DJ just after finalization of the wedding venue. Professional Wedding DJs are hard to find and remain unavailable for emergency cases. Early bookings are also cheaper than the ones which are made at the end time. So, follow the above tips and have a boisterous wedding.

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