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Some important factors to look for when finding a wedding DJ!!

The music is one of the most important and fun parts of a wedding and therefore you need to choose a DJ who is the best and the most professional in the town. Depending on where you reside, the things you take into consideration when choosing the music for your wedding may be different, but picking the right wedding DJ should be your ultimate goal. Selecting the right sound and mix of entertainment on your wedding day will not only set the feel but also ensure that your guests have a memorable night to remember.

Nowadays, you can find all types of wedding DJ's available in the market. While many specialize only in playing songs, some provide other facilities as well, including dhol players and dancers. As there are many good DJs out there, picking the best one is quite difficult and hence, you need to look for certain things before making your final decision.

So, in order to make sure that you choose the right wedding DJ for your special day, here are certain factors that you should consider and make your decision accordingly.

1. Match the DJ to your style:

When choosing a wedding DJ, ask for their song list and make sure that they specialize in the song genres that you like best. Also, find out their policy about taking song request to make sure it fits in with your style.

2. Consider the performer's look and aesthetics:

Considering the performer’s look and their dressing sense is also a very important point to consider when picking the right DJ for your wedding. If the DJ is providing you with their dhol players and dancers then you should remember to ask them about what the performers will wear and make sure that the DJ's aesthetic matches the overall tone and ambiance of your wedding.

3. Check the reviews carefully:

Reviews are also an important aspect to look for when making your decision on who will play the music and entertain your guests throughout your wedding ceremony. So, before you just choose any DJ, always remember to check their reviews and if possible, try to consult their past customers to know about their experience with them.

4. Professionalism matters a lot:

It is very crucial to select a DJ that is reliable, trustworthy and punctual and has an infrastructure to handle all the potential emergencies that can happen. Also, make sure to choose the one that communicates well and answers all your questions in a professional manner.

5. Consider the one that is affordable:

Everyone’s budget is different and therefore, you should look for the one who is agreeing to work within your specific budget. Ask the DJ about their total cost and if you feel that you are not comfortable with it, negotiate with them. Make sure to hire the one that offers you the best deal.

Last but not least; check whether the DJ is active on social media. Perusing the DJ's online site and social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram etc. can give you access to lots of blogs and videos from the past weddings and events that they have worked for. All these considerations will help you in your decision and definitely, you’ll get the best DJ for your big day.

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